The Centre for Chromosome Biology (CCB) at the University of Galway hosts a highly collaborative network of researchers investigating topics linked to the biology of genomes.

The centre comprises 13 core and associated groups with over 50 researchers and support staff, anchored in the Biomedical Sciences building.

We are interested in the molecular mechanisms underlying chromosome structure and function at the molecular and cytogenetic level. This includes areas such as replication, repair, evolution, and chromatin structure which are fundamental to genetics and epigenetics with important roles in cancer and disease.

Our expertise includes technologies and models for studying chromosome biology at the molecular, cellular, genomic and organismal level. We have a focused and dynamic research environment where international researchers can interact to understand the biological significance and medical applications of chromosome structure and dynamics.

Research Areas:

We’re hiring!

There are open positions in the Morrison and Santocanale groups. Interested candidates should contact the group leaders directly.