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Janna Luessing

Dr Janna LuessingSenior ResearcherHosted by Noel LowndesSFI-IRC Pathway Research interests Research overview Mutations caused by damage to our genetic material can result in genome instability. These mutations can either be silent and inconsequential or they can lead to cell… Continue Reading →

Corrado Santocanale

Prof Corrado SantocanaleProfessor of Molecular MedicineSFI Future Frontierscorrado.santocanale@universityofgalway.ieSantocanale Lab Website Research interests Research overview The process of DNA replication is the biggest threat for genome stability in proliferating cells. Cancer cells in particular are subjected to replication stress after activation… Continue Reading →

Ciaran Morrison

Prof Ciaran MorrisonProfessor in BiochemistrySFI Open Positions Research interests Research overview Our research focuses on centrosomes, remarkable structures that organise microtubules in animal somatic cells.  They control bipolar spindle formation, regulate cell motility and polarity and also act as… Continue Reading →

Brian McStay

Prof Brian McStayProfessor in BiochemistryWellcome InvestigatorEMBO Research interests Research overview Nucleoli, sites of ribosome biogenesis and the largest structures in the human nucleus, form around nucleolar organiser regions (NORs) located on the short or p-arms of five different chromosomes… Continue Reading →

Noel Lowndes

Prof Noel LowndesEstablished Professor of BiochemistryDirector of the CCBSFI Future Frontiers & EMBO Research interests Research overview Pathways required to maintain genome stability are potently tumour suppressive, while genome instability is a hallmark of cancer. Our research aims to… Continue Reading →

Bob Lahue

Prof Bob Lahue Professor in Research interests Research overview Our chromosomes constantly undergo the opposing forces of DNA mutagenesis and DNA repair. Mutagenesis is incredibly frequent at trinucleotide repeats in families with certain hereditary neurological diseases. These site-specific expansions,… Continue Reading →

Michael Carty

Dr Michael Carty Senior Lecturer in Research interests Research overview Our main research interest is the molecular basis of the response of human cells to DNA damaging agents. This includes investigation of DNA damage response pathways in primary normal… Continue Reading →

Uri Frank

Prof Uri FrankProfessor in BiochemistryWellcome & SFI Investigator and EMBO Memberuri.frank@universityofgalway.ieFrank Lab Website Research interests Research overview We study how cells make decisions during development and regeneration using molecular genetics, genomics, imaging, and functional studies. For our research, we use… Continue Reading →

Elaine Dunleavy

Dr Elaine DunleavySenior Lecturer in BiochemistryDep. Programme Director BSc Genetics & GenomicsSFI President of Ireland Young Researcher Research Interests Research Overview We aim to understand germ cell development in the reproductive tissues, the testis and ovary. Germ cells undergo… Continue Reading →

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