Prof Noel Lowndes
Established Professor of Biochemistry
Director of the CCB
SFI Future Frontiers & EMBO Member

Research interests

  • Role of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase like kinases (PIKKs) in genome stability
  • Kinesins & 53BP1-dependent DNA double strand break repair
  • Zinc finger protein roles in DNA double strand break signalling & repair
  • Regulation of cytokinetic abscission by ATR

Research overview

Pathways required to maintain genome stability are potently tumour suppressive, while genome instability is a hallmark of cancer. Our research aims to elucidate novel mechanisms controlling genome stability. While our focus is on fundamental cell biology, future translational studies may ultimately have clinical impact. We utilise genome editing, proteomics, in vitro biochemistry and microscopy to identify and dissect novel genome stability factors. Our principle models are established transformed and immortalised human cell lines (e.g. HCT293, HeLa, U2OS, hTERT-RPE1 cells). In addition, we use primary animal fibroblasts (e.g. mouse, bat).


ATM, ATR, abscission, checkpoints, DNA repair, kinesins, 53BP1

Selected Figures

Key Research techniques

  • Genome editing
  • Protein biochemistry & proteomics
  • DNA damage & cell cycle assays
  • Fluorescence & expansion microscopy

Lab Members

  • Dr Ilze Skujina (Post-Doc)
  • Shaylee Kieffer (PhD)
  • Emer Brennan (PhD)
  • Eoin Gillespie (PhD)
  • Sabrinna Crowley (PhD)
  • Peng Wu (PhD)


Dr Janna Luessing
Senior Researcher
SFI-IRC Pathway Programme

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